Cassady has been serving the community since 1911.

With experience in areas such as business law, real estate, wills and estates, family law and litigation, our lawyers provide clients with quality legal advice and representation throughout their lives and for almost all of their legal needs.

Our History

George Livingston Cassady Founder of Cassady Law in New Westminster
George Livingston Cassady

George L. Cassady commenced the practice of law in British Columbia in 1911. He then practised with Wade, Whealler & McQuarrie in 1912 and with McQuarrie, Martin & Cassady in 1914 until leaving to serve in the military. Upon his return, he joined the firm McQuarrie, Martin, Cassady & Macgowan in 1917 and then McQuarrie & Cassady in 1923.

He practised on his own in the Westminster Trust Building from 1925 through 1929. He was then joined by Peter Lewis to form the firm Cassady & Lewis until 1943, when he was again a sole practitioner until being joined by F. Craig Munroe in 1946. In 1958, James Insley and George P. Cassady joined the firm as partners.

In 1960, the firm was joined by John P. Lauener, who had articled with Ladner Downs in Vancouver. In 1962 after the appointment of Mr. Munroe as a judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the firm became known as Cassady, Insley, Cassady & Lauener.

Edward A. Burgess became a partner in 1981. The firm merged in 2000 with Thompson, MacDonald & Omichinski and became known by Cassady & Company. At that time Brian J. Omichinski and Dorie-Anne Leggett joined as partners. John S. Dyer became a partner in 2006, and Dale W. Framingham rejoined the firm as a partner in 2010. In 2018, Andrew McIntosh also joined as a partner.

In 2024, Margot Lorayes joined the partnership which is now known as Cassady Law LLP.

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