Are you thinking of selling your business? The lawyers at Cassady & Company can help you make a successful exit, protect you from future liabilities, and add value to the sale.

Our team is experienced in the sale of businesses and business assets across a wide variety of sectors. We have represented clients on both sides of the table and are familiar with the best practices and strategies for buyers and sellers. We work hard to reduce risk, secure advantageous terms, and drive the deal forward smoothly.

We regularly review and update corporate records and negotiate revisions to agreements, such as leases and employment contracts. Such sound record keeping and proactive steps make our clients’ businesses more attractive to buyers and add value to the sale. We are also experienced with strategic reorganizations, which can reduce tax burdens and increase profitability. Cassady & Company maintains good relationships with other business professionals upon whose expertise we can draw to ensure our clients’ best interests are served.

When the time comes to sell a business, we are there for our clients. Our firm has helped BC business leaders broker deals since George L. Cassady first began the practice in 1911. To this day, we are driven to secure the best deal for our clients.


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