The businesses that endure are the ones that adapt to change.

Reorganizations can help business owners achieve a number of goals, such as protecting assets against possible attacks from creditors, bringing the next generation into a family business, making a company more attractive for sale, and allowing an owner to use his or her lifetime capital gains tax exemption. The experienced lawyers at Cassady Law LLP can help your business evolve in the face of new challenges, while retaining its core values and interests.

Applying our collective skills, we advance our clients’ best interests on many fronts. We also maintain extensive working relationships and networks with industry professionals. Our business and estate planning lawyers work closely with accountants and financial planners to plan and carry out reorganizations for our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Cassady Law LLP offers comprehensive advice and services to facilitate every aspect of corporate reorganizations. With a diverse range of expertise in business law, we craft creative solutions to help our clients’ achieve their short and long term goals.