As an employer, you will want to resolve legal issues quickly, so you can get back to running a successful business.

Not even industry giants are immune from employment lawsuits. It is important not to underestimate employment law issues. The lawyers at Cassady Law LLP can help protect your business against costly litigation and protracted court battles with preventative strategies and effective negotiation. When litigation does ensue, we will provide you with a robust and cost-effective defence in court and through trial when necessary.

The Supreme Court continues to change its interpretation of employment law. Businesses themselves are in a state of flux as they rely more on contract, freelance, and flexible work arrangements. As an employer, you may not have the time to keep abreast of these developments. Ignorance, however, is no protection against a claim. Cassady Law LLP has the expertise in both business and employment law to create the contracts, policies, and procedures necessary to safeguard your business. Our lawyers are committed to providing much more than “textbook” answers. Our advice is not only legally accurate, it is also commercially viable and strategic in scope.

Our lawyers work closely with business leaders in the Greater Vancouver Area and the Lower Mainland to protect commercial interests. Having successfully advocated for both employees and employers, we have read the other side’s playbook, and our lawyers are creative in coming up with effective legal strategies.

If you have an employment concern, we recommend seeking legal counsel as soon as possible, as many matters can be addressed through negotiation, formal mediation, conciliation or arbitration procedures. If negotiation is not an option, we will use our legal knowledge to construct sound arguments and mount a robust defence in court.

We regularly advise employers on a range of legal matters, including:

  • Severance pay
  • Drafting employment contracts and contract disputes
  • Non-competition clauses and restrictive covenant issues
  • Harassment and discrimination claims