Business disputes can be costly in terms of time, resources and relationships. They can also cause lasting damage to a company’s reputation.

Cassady Law LLP provides guidance and strategic advice to businesses and business leaders, safeguarding their interests, reputations, and rights. We give clear and practical advice, look for creative solutions, and advance our clients’ interests at every turn, including providing strong advocacy in court when necessary to ensure justice is served.

Our business team regularly assists clients with shareholder disputes, collections matters, breach of contract, negligence, and fraud. We understand what is at stake, just as we appreciate the fact that no two disputes are the same. We take the time necessary to fully understand the issues you are facing and then identify strategies for achieving your commercial objectives. Creative problem solving and extensive industry experience lead to innovative solutions.

Where possible, we can help you achieve a successful outcome through Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, such as mediation, which takes a non-adversarial approach to negotiating settlement. The lawyers of Cassady Law LLP have helped many clients resolve contentious claims through mediation, reducing the expense and inconvenience associated with protracted court disputes.

In today’s competitive and ever-changing business climate, disputes are all too common. Like most legal issues, the best approach is to address such disputes early before they escalate. Securing legal advice from the outset will help ensure that your position and your enterprise are protected. With your best interests at heart, Cassady Law LLP will stand by your business until we have achieved the best possible result.


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