After you have poured your drive and entrepreneurial spirit into building a business, passing it on is more than just another transaction: it’s personal.

Deciding what should happen to your business legacy is not an easy decision, but you should not let the complexity of the process cause you to put off planning for the future. The experienced lawyers at Cassady Law LLP can guide you through the maze, with strategic planning, intelligent advice, and innovative solutions.

Whether you are looking to sell your business to your business partners, your children, your employees or to outsiders, we can lay the proper foundation and facilitate the process. There are many issues to consider: your future financial needs, the stability of your company and your employees, tax issues, and a timeline for transition to new owners and managers. Life doesn’t stand still, so neither should your business plan for the future.

Your succession plan may need to be adapted in response to developments in business or personal circumstances. To handle the complexity of such planning in the face of change, our firm has cultivated relationships with various professionals including tax advisors and business brokers. Such connections and networks help us provide our clients with all the expertise they need to plan for the future.

With expertise in both business law and estate planning, the lawyers at Cassady Law LLP can help you transition your business with confidence and peace of mind.