Starting a new enterprise is an exciting endeavour. Hopes are high and so are costs.

This can cause some businesses to avoid obtaining legal services. If you want to start your business on a solid foundation you should consult a knowledgeable lawyer at the outset. The experienced team of business lawyers at Cassady Law LLP will guide you through the process and see to it that common problems and potential pitfalls are avoided and do not become expensive issues down the line. With a sound legal foundation secured, you can begin to grow your business with confidence.

The business team at Cassady Law LLP can help you ensure your fundamental corporate structure and documentation are in good order. Our team of experienced business lawyers and corporate paralegals routinely incorporate various types of companies and use current document production and records systems to facilitate the process. We assist our clients with matters such as the negotiation and preparation of partnership, limited partnership, and joint venture agreements.

There are also specific requirements for professional corporations. Cassady Law LLP regularly incorporates companies for various types of professionals including doctors, dentists, accountants, veterinarians, architects, optometrists, and others.

For over a century, Cassady Law LLP has been helping entrepreneurs in the Lower Mainland get their start. Business has continued to evolve and our lawyers have never stopped learning the best practices and strategies to serve our clients. Today, Cassady Law LLP is proud to offer a broad range of advice and services for businesses at all stages, complete with the attention to detail and personalized approach for which our firm is well known.