Disputes over a will or trust are upsetting and difficult for everyone involved. Our compassionate and dedicated lawyers will help guide you through the process with expert advice and steadfast advocacy.

Whether you are contesting a will, or you have concerns about the administration of a trust or an estate, the estate team at Cassady Law LLP is prepared to help you achieve a just result.

No two families are identical and we understand there is often more at stake than finances. When possible, we assist our clients by pursuing a non-adversarial approach and are often able to resolve estate disputes through informal negotiations. Our estate litigators are also experienced in bringing claims to resolution through more formal alternate dispute resolution processes such as mediation, avoiding the inconvenience and expense of a trial. When necessary, we are also ready to vigorously advance your interests in court through trial to ensure a just result.

We are experienced in challenging wills where there is evidence of mental incapacity or undue influence. In the difficult situations when a trustee, executor or guardian has abused their position of trust, we advise and assist family members in recovering assets. Our lawyers also assist family members with obtaining court orders to make financial, legal, and health care decisions for adults who are no longer capable of making those decisions for themselves.

Our firm’s expertise in business law allows us to handle difficult cases in which estate disputes and business concerns intertwine. Cassady Law LLP is a “complete solution” in that we have expertise in wills, the administration of estates, real estate, the law relating to disabilities, trusts and more. With this broad base of knowledge, we are able to properly advise our clients in even the most complicated of cases.

Resolving an estate dispute requires more than a legal education. It calls for tact and diplomacy. Most of all, it calls for empathy and personalized service. Our lawyers will take your best interests to heart and do everything possible to help you achieve the resolution you need.


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