Being named the executor of a loved one’s estate is both an honour and a solemn duty. The estate team at Cassady Law LLP can help guide you through the legal process with compassion, care, and attention. Together, we will ensure that your loved one’s wishes are carried out and your family’s assets are protected.

At an initial interview, our lawyers will advise you with respect to executors’ liabilities, locating the will, safeguarding the assets of the estate, adequately insuring the assets, arranging for appraisals, and determining the liabilities of the estate (credit cards, mortgage, guarantees to banks or landlords, etc.). We then assist clients with notifying financial institutions (e.g. cancelling credit cards), notifying government agencies such as the Public Guardian and Trustee, advertising for creditors and hiring the right accountant to prepare the terminal tax return of the deceased, and the T3 return of the estate.

In the course of applying for grants of probate or letters of administration, we will:

  • review the will
  • notify beneficiaries
  • prepare a statement of the deceased’s assets
  • obtain any necessary consents, draft affidavits
  • file the will and supporting documentation in court

We also assist clients with post-grant matters such as:

  • the transmission of the assets
  • transferring the assets to the beneficiaries and/or heirs
  • preparing and presenting the appropriate accounting and releases to beneficiaries and/or heirs
  • the passing of accounts
  • the discharge of the executor

We are also adept at handling corporate estate planning matters, including business succession planning. With experience in both business and personal law, Cassady Law LLP is capable of helping clients with even the most complicated estates.

The process of administering an estate is complex and can be overwhelming. We have the expertise and personal approach to ensure the estate is administered efficiently and in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. Cassady Law LLP has assisted with the administration of estates in the Lower Mainland for more than a century. This is our community and we are committed to serving it.