Cassady Law LLP is pleased to announce that Andrew McIntosh has been named the firm’s newest partner.

Andrew McIntosh a residential and commercial real estate lawyer with New Westminster law firm Cassady & Company

Andrew has a residential and commercial real estate practice with a focus on land development, commercial leasing and the acquisition and sale of residential and commercial real estate. He also practices in the areas of wills, estates, trusts and estate administration. Andrew has been a valued associate at Cassady Law LLP since 2011.

Andrew obtained his law degree from the University of The West of England in 1990. He was admitted to the roll of England and Wales in 1995 and practiced as a solicitor for the next 12 years in England with a focus on residential and commercial real estate. Andrew came to Canada in 2007 working initially at the BC Law Institute while completing the accreditation process to practice law in British Columbia. He was was called to the British Columbia Bar in 2011.

For further details view Andrew’s bio.

“Andrew has been an invaluable member of our team for years. Dorie-Anne, John and I are honoured and delighted to welcome him as a partner.” – Dale Framingham, Partner at Cassady Law LLP